Paratonia is a dementia-induced motor abnormality. And although paratonia affects virtually all people with dementia, it is not well known among clinicians and researchers. This website is an initiative of the International Joint Research Group ‘Move in Age’ to raise awareness of the current state of art in research on paratonia, to get in touch with other researchers on this topic and to point out the current gaps in knowledge.

Building a network

We like to build a network of researchers and clinicians who are working with or are interested in paratonia in dementia. The aim of this network is to exchange knowledge, to inspire and to foster collaboration.

Systematic review

In 2020 our research group published a systematic review on paratonia and we proposed a paratonia research agenda comprising 3 main topics: 1) Delineation of the pathogenesis of paratonia; 2) Validation and refinement of instru- ments and techniques to capture and measure the severity of paratonia that can detect changes due to trial interventions; and 3) Methodologically rigorous clinical trials of therapeutics.

Intensive collaboration

Research on paratonia needs to bridge several research questions, areas, techniques and disciplines. To improve the quality of life of people with dementia, intensive collaboration between different fields of research is imperative.